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Who we are

Paragon Alumni Association

We are delighted to reunite with you as it’s been quite a while since we last posted on social media. First things first, we would like to introduce our brand new name as Paragon Alumni Association. On behalf of the Paragon Alumni family, it is our great pleasure and privilege to welcome all graduate students from Paragon ISC (formerly ZAMAN International School) into the PAA (Paragon Alumni Association). We hope to get in touch with you as there are plenty of activities, events, programs, and services to be offered by the Association.

Our History

PAA is a nonprofit organization and committed to foster relationships among alumni and the Paragon Alumni family. In addition to this, we provide seminars, webinars, and workshops made possible by alumni and Association, which will be helpful to enhance your university experience and to grow your professional network for your career. We look forward to seeing our collaboration between alumni and the Association family. Last but not least, we as a Paragon Alumni Association family hope to see you and offer you nothing but the best wishes ahead.